General Knowledge: Information about NATO army

General Knowledge: Information about NATO army-NATA-TRAINING-TRIVANDRUM

NATO (The North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is a friendly association of 28 countries bordering the North Atlantic Ocean. It incorporates the United States, Canada, Turkey, and most European Union members.

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What is the main purpose of NATO?

It was created as a formal alliance between the territories of North American and Europe. From its beginning, its main purpose was to defend each other from the possibility of the communist Soviet Union taking control of their nation. The Alliance is stared on the principle of collective defense. If one partner is attacked, then all NATO colleagues are attacked. For example, at the time of attacked the United States attacked by terrorists on 9/11 2001, all NATO Allies stood with America as though they had also been attacked.

Who are the members of NATO?

Since 2017 NATO has had 29 member states. They are: Albania, Bulgaria, Belgium, Croatia Canada, Czech Republic, Estonia, Denmark, France, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Slovenia, Turkey, United States, and United Kingdom.

What is Open Door Policy?

The Open Door Policy is an established principle of NATO and means that any Euro-Atlantic country is free to join NATO if it is prepared to meet the standards and obligations of its membership, provide to the security of the association, and shares it’s values of democracy, rehabilitate, and the rule of law.

How does NATO fighting terrorism?

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization plays a significant role in fighting terrorism, providing more than 13,000 armed forces to train local forces in Afghanistan. Its Command Structure is being modernized to enable it to move forces more quickly across Europe and to keep sea lines of communication across the Atlantic free and open.

There are 79 coalition partners have committed themselves to the goals of eliminating the threat posed by ISIS. NATO is also a full member of this Global Coalition. It also trains the organized body of military personnel of Iraq to better fight ISIS. In Naples, The Alliance has set up a ‘Hub for the South’ to assist Allies to tackle the threat of terrorism.

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