Cognitive ability NATA drawing syllabus Part 6

Tests for cognitive ability for NATA

Architecture design process is the series of actions which is performed in a particular order to solve problems. For an example- ‘How to select and arrange design elements in a two or three dimensional space? On the other hand, How to design furniture layout for a rectangular living room with a fireplace? It is a space planning task. Apart from the aesthetic sense and necessary technical knowledge of a designer, cognitive ability is required to define or structure the problem and to solve it systematically.

Cognitive mechanism / process involves high level function of our brain like, thinking, remembering, reasoning, knowing, judging etc. An architecture student should have the set of the above mentioned brain skills to perform a task simplest to the most complex. So the cognitive ability assessment is also included in the exam structure of NATA. Drawing exam of NATA may include the questions to test your brain with problems of visual illusion, mental rotation skills, planning and execution skill, etc

Example: 1
Suppose the below matrices have an order of ‘Normal-Reversed

Tests for cognitive ability for NATA

Then what about the following? Try to find the answer without rotating your device.

Tests for cognitive ability for NATA

Example: 2
Which is the correct logo?

Tests for cognitive ability for NATA

You are very familiar with the logo of Apple computers.  Still most of the candidates have confusion about picking an answer from the above options. It is nothing but, your brain is not tuned to observe, read and to store the specific details of objects around us.  It is also a cognitive ability of humans.

Practicing of 2d Illustration and Composition will help a NATA candidate to organize the geometrical shapes into meaningful art. It also helps to improve the quality of line, perfection of shapes, value, color sense, etc
NATA candidates are strongly advised to practice drawing 2d compositions instead of byhearting the graphic because an architecture design is also defined as an ordered expression through the process of composition by using mass and the space.

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