Civil Engineering Vs Architecture

Civil Engineering vs Architecture

It is very important to know the difference between Architecture and Civil Engineering when you think a career in the field of Architecture. Even though these are closely related, there are some differences in career scope, core subjects, working environments etc. Anyway, these two have well-defined responsibilities that make them distinct from each other.

As we know Architecture and Civil Engineering are the two disciplines of construction fields, and they deal with the process of creating structures, such as buildings, airports, churches, houses, etc. The basic intention to the profession of both Civil Engineer and Architect is to satisfy the clients for their dream projects.

The Civil Engineering is concerned with the detailed study of structural analysis, structural design, construction, and maintenance. Thus the nature of Civil Engineering is more Mathematical.  A Civil Engineer’s responsibility is to make sure that the design is well implemented in a reliable manner. The Civil Engineering professionals will analyze the designs produced by the architects to find a way to do the construction possible. Civil Engineers are responsible for making the architect’s design into reality.

Architecture is an art form for planning, designing, drawing and utilizing the available space in a fair manner. It is the art and science of designing a building for human habitation. Architecture concentrates more on aesthetics and spatial functionality of the proposed space. The architects are also responsible for developing basic sketches for communication, structural drawings, foundation plans, etc.

What does a Civil Engineer do?

The main activities of Civil Engineers include planning, designing, building, and directing multi-structure projects. They will supervise a team set for a particular building project.  The team may include a construction crew, architects, and other engineers.

The responsibilities of a civil engineer are:

  • Test building materials
  • Consider government regulations and possible hazards
  • Perform surveying operations
  • Supervise maintenance of roads and structures
  • Design sewage treatment systems
  • Construct dams, tunnels, and bridges
  • Conduct risk analysis

 What are the duties of being an architect?

Architects have to think of many things before they develop a sketch or draw up the plans for a building. They are thinking about what exactly the building will be used for. How many or what kind people are going to use the building at the same time? What are the activities doing these people in the building?

Certain responsibilities of an architect are

  • Conceptual design
  • Developing technical plans in detail using CAD software
  • Developing a plan, following safety regulations building code
  • Organize structure specifications
  • Managing construction
  • Estimation and costing
  • Working towards budgets
  • Examine building work and its progress
  • Choosing materials
  • Design acoustic systems
  • Plan plumbing and electrical systems
  • Consider fire protection requirements
  • Inspect and testing building support systems
  • Discussing and sharing ideas with other technicians and architects

Very good communication between an architect and civil engineer will produce an efficient and high-quality result.

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