Geometrical puzzles NATA drawing syllabus Part 2

geometrical puzzles NATA

The questions from this module test a candidate’s ability to learn the connection between geometry and architectural design. To be engaged with geometrical puzzles are the best practice to develop one’s design ability and spatial planning.

This module mainly deals with spatial intelligence and geometrical constructions.

Geometrical constructions:

On the other hand, we can say the architecture design is the arrangement of well planned geometrical shapes for various human needs and visual interest. Roof, wall, floor, ceiling, etc are the perfect examples for such geometrical shapes. The experiments with these building components are leads to a new architecture design. Both the structural fitness and the spatial organization have equal importance to accomplish a geometrical design.

Many architects follow biomimicry in their creation. Figure 1 shows the geometrical composition by the nature itself and figure 2 explain how the architects inspired from nature in their creations. Many such examples are available around us to start learning what is biomimicry and the importance of geometrical shapes for its composition.

geometrical puzzles NATA

Figure 1 biomimicry – geometrical puzzles

geometrical puzzles NATA

Figure 2 biomimicry – geometrical puzzles

NATA Drawing exam cover objective questions to measure the sense of creating or reproducing or restructuring a design with simple geometrical shapes. Geometrical puzzles and questions based on dimensional features of shapes will be given to you for measuring the above discussed skill.

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Spatial intelligence

Spatial intelligence is the ability to understand the relation between three-dimensional images and shapes. All the universities in their syllabus of B-Arch included mandatory subject as Architectural graphics in first year. Architectural Graphics is a communication language, deals with practical application of geometrical composition and will be absolutely new to architecture students.

geometrical puzzles NATA

Figure 3 Orthographic projection – geometrical puzzles

The subject gives broad opportunity to enhance the knowledge in dimensional features and visual sense of a student. A student realizes exactly what is 2D and 3D in graphics. Exercise based on lines, surfaces and solids are the major learning elements throughout the subject. NATA candidates should have better understanding about certain technical terms like orthographic, Isometric, Perspective, etc to face the objective test. Geometrical puzzles or games based on this topic will be asked for NATA online drawing test.

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