Job after B Arch course : Facts and Details

B Arch course NATA coaching centre

The syllabus of B Arch course, approved by the COA (Council Of Architecture)  is structured to enhance one’s creativity and technical know-how in the following field of study.

  • Exterior designing 
  • Interior designing
  • Landscape designing
  • Structural designing 
  • Construction management 
  • Material analysis
  • Estimation and costing
  • Accessories designing
  • Data analysis 
  • Construction management
  • Resources management 
  • Client psychology 
  • Marketing and sales
  • Project management
  • Environmental issues
  • Floriculture 
  • Architectural Visualisation
  • Entrepreneurship, etc

Apart from the above-mentioned fields, the additional subjects offered by each university like complementary, electives, special, etc will deal several related topics of architecture. So the syllabus of B Arch course varies from one university to another. It is recommended that a NATA qualified candidate should go through the syllabus of  B Arch programme before choosing a particular university.

In the field of architecture, a group of skilled people working for an output through the above-listed activities integrated timely.  The integrated activities are usually known as urban development, project planning, construction, interior designing, public works, etc.

The output may be a residence, villas, flats, shopping malls, hospital, fitness centers, office building, schools, service stations, bus station, airport, stadium, colonials, hotels, township, industrial centers, any other public or private areas, etc.

As the construction field is a booming industry, an architect can be a promising entrepreneur. As far as a business-minded candidate is concerned, staring a new architecture firm or related organization will be a good idea after B Arch course. The main attraction of this moment is that the capital investment to build up a construction firm/organization is comparatively very less.

As we know the shelter is one of the basic needs of the human being, the construction industry will never down to the end of the human. A student after completing the B Arch course can choose any one or the combines activities from the above skill list. The B Arch course will help a student to identify their area of interest and to become proficient in many of the field mentioned above. After B Arch, the candidates are highly demanded in private Organization than the government sectors.

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