NATA 2019 topper from Kerala

NATA 2019 topper from kerala_ NATA TRAINING TRIVANDRUM

The time has come for NATA Candidates to recognize whether their effort was on the right way to become the NATA 2019 topper.

The answer key of NATA 2019 has been published very early this year. An unusual fact is that no errors or mistakes found on questions and answers in this year.

The students are very happy after the NATA 2019 results announced. Most of them show their confidence to become NATA 2019 topper.


As a trainer, its a satisfying moment with my student’s words and I feel it is quite hopeful than the previous year examinations. Moreover, I’m So proud of my students at Vismayam college, Calicut who got top scores in India

The part-A for Mathematics and General Aptitude was most relevant to examine a candidate’s interest in Architecture.

The main reason for my excitement is nothing but the drawing questions of NATA exam 2019. What I discussed in the classroom sessions that happened surprisingly.

A piece of the NATA 2019 drawing question paper is given.

NATA 2019 topper from kerala_ NATA TRAINING TRIVANDRUM

The best answer for the question no.61 is a two-point perspective sketch. Because we can easily present the features of the window like wooden panel, horizontal grills, etc in the sketch. Two point perspective drawing is recommended for illustrating the depth of a building and its feature at any distance.

We can detail the object sides effectively in a two-point perspective sketch. Rendering gives better result in two-point perspective drawing. The maximum time required for a well-trained candidate to complete this drawing is expected 50 to 60 minutes.

Question no. 62 is very easy than in the previous years of this type.  Everything around us like scenes, objects, beings, etc are the perfect compositions of basic geometric shapes.  So we can easily fill or create a theme with the shapes given in the question paper according to one’s creativity.

The other interesting thing is that the question is not discussed about the size, ratio, or quantity of the geometrical shapes to be used in the answer. An average candidate after getting proper NATA training can perform and complete its answer in 30 minutes

It is clear that only 90 out of 120 minutes required for completing these two drawing questions. These are the core reasons for a candidate who is confident to become NATA 2019 topper after the first examination.

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