Visual system interpretation NATA drawing syllabus Part 4

Visual system interpretation and perception

Visual system interpretation is simply say one’s findings or thought about an image, solids or a process. It may be an analysis based on certain fixed elements. In the field of Architecture design, the visual analysis and the analytical approach has great importance. It is very essential skill required for an architecture student to develop ideas and conceptual designs during the course period. NATA exam provide opportunity for the candidates to test the above said qualities through multiple choice questions.

Many elements are their for the interpretation of an image. Texture is one of the crucial element of this kind. It seeks information about a specific order and regularity of tonal difference in the particular areas of an image. Texture is the most important element to determine characteristics in radar imagery. Our sense of understanding the texture is the reason to determine the location and the characteristics of a place in the of Google earth view.
Another example is that the interpretation about the image  1 is given. It visually seems like an earth surface. But our sharp sense of texture find it feels like a rock surface. Finally, determined it is a rocky mountain surface.

Visual system interpretation NATA

Image no. 1 _ Visual system interpretation

NATA candidate should have deep knowledge about shape, size, pattern, tone, shadow, Texture, etc. Because these are the elements usually consider for the visual system interpretation, NATA exam check your ability to determine the graphical similarities and differences. Close observation, regular sketching, pencil rendering etc are the key activities recommended for a candidate to develop their Visual system interpretation skill.
Image no 2 and 3 are timber blocks and both are visually almost same in color, pattern and texture. But the two timbers are different and difficult to identify the name of trees. Here, the perception of an experienced hand will be more accurate.

Visual system interpretation NATA _ pine

Image no. 2 _ pine_Visual system interpretation

Visual system interpretation NATA _ rubber

Image no. 3 _rubber_ Visual system interpretation

Photography is also recommended to sharpen the visual perception of materials and their properties around us.

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