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This article gives a brief about the importance of attending the bamboo workshop at TKM. As we know thousands of verity products from Bamboo are widely used all over the world. The durability of Bamboo products are higher than the other eco-friendly materials and can be used in extreme conditions. Bamboo panels are the most demanded flooring material all over the world. Interiors and product designers take advantage of its uncounted features like elegant texture, smoothness, clean, resistant humidity, etc in their masterpieces.

The important mechanical properties like Durability, Fire Safety, Environmental Impact, User Safety, and Energy Efficiency of bamboo are often twice to three times higher than those of conventional timber. These are the core reasons for choosing it as a reliable construction material.

The bamboo workshop helps students to explore the wide use of bamboo around us. Go through certain uses of bamboo and the respective areas listed.

Forestry: Soil Stabilization, Windbreaks, Erosion Control, CO2 Sequestration, Sound Screens, Commercial Plantations, Landscaping, Environmental Remediation

Automotive Industry: Dashboards, Steering Wheels, Body Parts, Interior Trim

Farming Industry: Fish Traps, Baskets, Fencing, Greenhouses, Animal Fodder, Beehives, Farming Tools, Containers, Animal Pens, Water Pipes, Waterwheels, Props, and Support Sticks

Wood Industry: Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), Particle Board, Mat Board, Corrugated Roofing Sheets, Flooring, Molding, Oriented Strand Board (OSB)

Bioenergy Industry: Pellets, Biofuel, Firewood, Gasification, Charcoal, Briquettes, Pyrolysis, Biomass

Electronics Industry: Mouse, Headphones, Speakers, iPhone/IPad Cases, Laptops, Keyboards

Textile Industry: Underwear, Bullet Proof Vests, Blankets, Sheets, Clothing, Pillows, mattresses, Baby Diapers, Socks, Towels

High Tech Industry: Composites, Bioplastics

Sports and Recreation Industry: Snowboards, Surfboards, Skateboards, Ski Poles, Bicycles, Fishing Rods, Golf Tees, Inline Skates, Baseball Bats, Polo Balls

Food and Beverage Industry: Bamboo Wine, Bamboo Beer, Bamboo Shoots, Bamboo Vinegar, Charcoal Coated Peanuts, Bamboo Tea

Pulp and Paper Industry: Bond Paper, Cardboard, Newsprint, Cement Sacks, Coffee Filters, Toilet Tissue

Other Areas: Furniture, Cutting Boards, Toys, Blinds, Baskets, Medicine, Bathtubs, Steamers, Bridges, Weapons, Musical Instruments, Chopsticks, Helmets, Houses, Incense Sticks, Matches, Door and Window frames etc..



A brief outline of the bamboo workshop at TKM

In Daniel Defoe’s novel, Robinson Crusoe, the protagonist of the book survives almost solely on one of the most trusted materials known to man. Bamboo.

It is a cornerstone in the field of construction. To understand the intricacies behind this magical material is a tedious task. As part of Hestia ’19, we are organizing a 2-day workshop on Bamboo.

Through the workshop, participants will gain in-depth knowledge about the history of bamboo and its earlier uses.
Bamboo is one of the oldest building materials and the workshop will discuss in detail the different joineries and connections of bamboo construction.

Tutor details:
ark studio (
Registration Fee: Rs 200/-
Date : 29/3/19 and 30/3/19

For details, contact,
Basim: 9497296368
Navneeth: 9400714162

HESTIA 19 at TKM College of Engineering

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