HESTIA 19 at TKM College of Engineering


HESTIA 19 is the techno-cultural festival organized by the student-staff community of TKM College of Engineering, Kollam. The architecture department of the college has planned to formulate a series of creative workshops as the part of HESTIA 19 on 29 and 30 of March 2019. The workshops provide freedom for connecting the key people to establish fresh thinking about an idea.

All the Creative Workshops in HESTIA 19 is a good forum for the students from both inside and outside of the TKM College. It allows time and space for the participants to share their productive thoughts. It is distinguished from other workshops by its focus on providing a supportive environment for participants to share new and innovative ideas openly. Details of each workshop are given below

Bamboo workshop:
Outline of the workshop: Understanding bamboo as a structural building material,
understand various joineries and connections of bamboo construction
Tutor details: ARK
Number of days:2
Workshop dates: 29/03/19 and 30/03/19



Portfolio and presentation workshop:

Outline of the workshop: Understanding various presentation techniques,
efficient use of software to make the portfolio interesting.
Tutor details: Sahir Mohammed
No.of days:1
Contact: Aysha 7012831313, Priya  9495611820



Paper tube workshop

Outline of the workshop: Paper as a building material, Sustainability concerns, Form finding by physical modeling, Prototyping with live installation within the campus, Exploring design possibilities
Tutor details: Ar.Sharan
No.of days:1
Dates:29/03/19 and 30/03/19
Contact: sumith:  9633545486, Fathima:8606890777




Paint the nose, accentuate the lines and do some shading.
‘The painter has the Universe in his mind and hands.’ – Da Vinci.

We are all artists painting our lives upon the canvas of reality. Let’s not restrict our colors to just papers. Get ready with your brushes because, at Hestia ‘19, Hiwaga is in search of proficient face painters. Mix the colors and paint your emotions!
Prizes worth 3K
Registration fee: Rs. 100
Coordinators: Ida: 9072245842, Anu: 7907271427



Description: Have an irresistible mind and chaotic ideas? Hiwaga’19 invites you to fill the papers with weirdly nerdy doodles.
Registration fee: Rs. 50/-
Rules :
▪Individual competition
▪Participants will be allotted 1 hour of time
▪The topic will be given on the spot
▪Paper will be provided at the venue
▪Participants are expected to carry their own pens
Prize money: 2K

Contact: Aishwarya 9497606691, Amala 9605939683






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