Drawing Materials for candidates those who are waiting for NATA exam date

Drawing Materials for candidates those who are waiting for NATA exam date

If someone who is starting to get serious about his/her artworks, no matter what age, he/she may also be starting to be serious about the drawing aids or materials that they use. A student after his/her secondary school life, looking for admission to B-Arch in India may also facing the same situation. Because drawing skill is mandatory to qualify NATA (National Aptitude Test in Architecture). This article brings you to the seriousness of choosing drawing Materials for candidates those who are waiting for NATA exam date after NATA registration.

Most of the NATA candidates started sketching or drawing activities when they were young. Later in high school life, materials and tools were not that important to them. Because they are not aware about the features of proper material available in market for drawing. The architecture aspirants who are counting down to the NATA exam date are seriously searching for such things when they think about the maximum score.

Exceptional cases, certain students as they grew and advanced as artists, the tools and materials that they chose became mandatory. Quality of art material along with the quality of art have a significant role behind the masterpieces or a high quality art output. So I highly recommended the candidates who are waiting for NATA exam date to have the very best materials possible.

Graphite Pencils, Sketchbook, Erasers, Color Pencils, Sharpener,etc are the common drawing aids permitted in NATA Exam centers. Through this article I would like to discuss necessary things to know about black and white drawing media exclusively for a NATA exam date waiting candidates.

1. Quality of Drawing Pencils

The most essential drawing or sketching tool, usually we say graphite pencil or lead pencil produces easily erasable gray or black marks. Creativity is the key element to take advantage of material property of its graphite led. Normally it is too difficult to identify the quality graphite pencils best suitable for practicing sketching or drawing. Artist will find their convenient brand from their experience.

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