NATA Model Question Paper 2019 and Answer

NATA Model Question Paper 2019

The candidates are advised to analyze the answer of NATA Model Question Paper 2019 attached herewith. The techniques used, durations required to finish the sketch, selection of objects, proportionality and scale, situation, etc are the key elements to understand through the answers.

NATA Model Question Paper 2019
Duration: 120 minutes
Each question carries 40 marks

1. Suppose you have visited the site of a food festival. Consider the following elements and sketch the situation what would you see at the venue
• Families are enjoying the food
• Vendors are busy with their stall activities
• Variety of performance by the food experts
• People are cheerfully observing the scenes

2. Draw the scene of a bus-stand nearby your location. Suppose you are standing on the ground and watching the following things
• Busses are the lineup for service.
• Passengers are eagerly waiting for their bus.
• Deferent aged people.
• A mobile tea shop and its dealer.

The answer for question number 1, NATA Model Question Paper 2019

NATA Model Question Paper 2019

Summary: The above answer explains that the viewer standing on the ground of the exhibition venue. The people who are standing or walking in the venue have an average height and keeps their head position on the horizon line of the viewer.
It’s a two-point perspective sketch. Stalls, entrance or exit arch, table, and chares, decorations, buildings, etc are the main elements of the sketch. The people in the sketch are in deferent posses and the artist tried to make them involve in deferent activities.

The answer for question number 2, NATA Model Question Paper 2019

NATA Model Question Paper 2019

Summary: The exact illustration of an Indian bus station is the particularity of this answer. The elements added in the sketches are well planned and drawn in the two-point perspective method. The man how is involved in the tea making activity behind his mobile tea shop is the main attraction of this answer. Bus stand buildings and waiting shed have the usual structure.
Two sets of people are used in the sketch are standing on two different heights respectively. Some of them are standing and walking on the ground where the elements like busses, mobile tea shop, buildings are placed. Head positing of these people are touching the horizon line. It means the viewer is also on the ground. The other set of people are on the platform of bus waiting-shed.

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