Kuthiramalika: Wonderful heritage attraction in Trivandrum


A palace named Kuthiramalika located near the Padmanabha swami temple is one of the wonderful heritage attraction in Trivandrum. The palace was constructed by Maharaja Swathi Thirunal Balarama Varma in 1846   who happens to be a great poet, musician, and social reformer,  to promote the traditional art forms of India. The original name of the palace is PuthanMaalika, even though the palace is well known as Kuthiramaalika means palace of horses.  The palace is named ‘Kuthiramalika’ since the palace has 122 horse figured brackets that adorn the exterior of the palace.
Kuthiramalika palace is the best option to experience the workmanship in traditional Travancore style architecture. The palace is a  double-storeyed building. The attractive features of the palace include:  roofs, are decorated with beautiful carved wooden brackets., whitewashed lime plastered walls, black oxide floorings, intricate woodwork on the ceiling, wooden jaalis etc.   with such a great architecture the light is being carefully controlled to create a cool atmosphere inside the palace.  The palace also has a unique Navarathri Mandapam in front of the palace, which hosts many cultural events.
A portion of Kuthira Malika has been transformed to Palace Museum that houses some of the assets owned by the  Royal Family. The collection includes Kathakali mannequins, Italian and Belgium mirrors, crystal chandeliers, valuable paintings, ornaments, musical instruments, traditional furniture etc The palace has on display two royal thrones, one made of ivory and the other of Bohemian crystal with the Tranvancore emblem ‘conch’ adorning the top of the backrest. The palace has a large collection of idols and sculptures made from white marble.
The visitors are allowed to experience the amazing architecture and assets kept inside the palace. Guides are available in order to direct you inside the palace. The palace is about 1 km apart from Trivandrum central railway station and 6 km apart from the international airport.  It will be a different experience to admire the history and living of the Trivandrum royal family.

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