Beemapally -The tourism attraction of Thiruvananthapuram

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Beemapally mosque is another tourism attraction of Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala. Beemapally is considered as one of the most famous mosques in Kerala. It is a very famous spot in Trivandrum. This famous Islamic place of worship is 12 km from Thiruvananthapuram city. The Beemapally Mosque is located near the coastal area, about 12 KMS from Trivandrum and the mosque is easily accessible by road. Thousands of pilgrims from different places visit this shrine.

Beemapally mosque is built by the women believed to have divine powers, Beema Beevi. The name Beemapalli was given as respect to Beema Beevi.
Tomb of Syedunnisa Beema Beevi is one of the main attractions of this mosque. Beemapalli Uroos, the famous festival that is conducted every year to venerate Beema Bheevi. Beemapalli Uroos is also known as Chandanakudam uthsavam. Thousands of pilgrims from all faiths and castes are attracted to this festival. Uroos is a 10-day festival starts at the beginning of Jama dul Akbar of the Hijra calendar. People believe in the healing power that prayers offered at the holy place has brought to many. The devotees carry coins in pots as handouts. The pots are then smeared with sandal paste(chandanam) . Hence the festival is known as ‘Chandanakudam’.

Beemapally -Tourism attraction of Thiruvananthapuram NATA-COACHING-THIRUVANANTHAPURAM_-NATA-TRAINER_135_
Front arch of Beemapally -The Tourism attraction of Thiruvananthapuram I (Image Courtesy: NATA Trainer at NATA Coaching centre ,  Thiruvananthapuram)

Beemapally Masjid has an impressive architecture with its imposing front and soaring minarets. Mosque having an eye-catching design. It is designed according to the culture, heritage, and resources of the Muslim community. In most of the Islamic art, you couldn’t find out any realistic images of living things like animals or humans. This is primarily because Islam believes that any representation of God’s work is disgraceful. Islamic art does not depict any living things. Beemapalli is an excellent example of such mosque.

Beemapally -Tourism attraction of Thiruvananthapuram NATA-COACHING-THIRUVANANTHAPURAM_-NATA-TRAINER_138_
The view of Beemapalli from the south-east- The Tourism attraction of Thiruvananthapuram (Image Courtesy: NATA Trainer at NATA Coaching centre in Thiruvananthapuram)

It is worth for the architectural students to visit the Beemapalli mosque so that they can understand the basic architectural elements that is required for mosque design.

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