Architecture style and history of St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Thiruvananthapuram

Architecture style

Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala is well known for its history and Architecture.  The architecture style of St. Joseph’s Metropolitan Cathedral church is one among them. This cathedral is also known as Palayam Palli, and it is located at Palayam.  The church is 137-year-old heritage one. The initial church was built in 1873. The church was blessed by  Rev.Eldaphonese OCD ,  Bishop of Quilon and the Parish Priest,  Rev.Fr.Emygdius OCD.

Some extension work has done in 1912. Gothic style facade and the bell-tower were placed during the second stage of extension in 1937 . Three bells brought from Belgium were arranged in the bell tower, named Joseph, Xavier, and Aloysius. The Patron of the Church- St. Joseph, the Apostle of India- St. Francis Xavier, the pioneer Missionary-Bishop of Quilon- Bishop Aloysius Maria Benziger were honoured and the bells were installed on behalf of them.

Southwest side of the Church. (Image Courtesy: NATA Trainer at NATA Coaching centre in Thiruvananthapuram)

On the first July of 1937, a new diocese of Thiruvananthapuram was formed. The St. Joseph’s Church then became the part of the newly formed diocese. In 2004, the cathedral was named as St. Joseph’s Metropolitan Cathedral as the diocese was raised to a metropolitan archdiocese.

Chapel, church, basilica, and cathedral are the four different classes of Christian worship centres. The cathedral is a larger place of worship than a church. The cathedral is under the control of bishop.

St. Joseph’s Metropolitan Cathedral is the major Christen worship centre in Trivandrum. Because of its Architecture style causes the number of tourists is attracted to here.

Top of the church. (Image Courtesy: NATA Trainer at NATA Coaching centre in Thiruvananthapuram)

The facade is constructed in Gothic style. Gothic Architecture style began in France, where architects were inspired by the Romanesque Architecture style. Gothic builds are recognized by its arches, flying buttresses, stained glass window, and ribbed vaults. Pointed arch is another characteristic of the gothic structure, it would give amazing strength and stability to the structures. The attractive feature of the gothic structure is that it brings enough sunlight into the building.

North-west side of the Church. (Image Courtesy: NATA Trainer at NATA Coaching centre in Thiruvananthapuram)

Even though the buildings that constructed using gothic Architecture style has an elegant beauty and additional advantages it is very complex in construction.

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