NATA Exam 2018 Result: Facts and Responses

NATA Exam 2018 Result Facts and-Responses

I would like to invite your attention to the grievance of the NATA candidate 2018. It was a very serious issue, happened in the NATA Exam 2018 result. Most of the students were disappointed in the inconsistency of NATA result published by COA in 2018. Hereby given the content of some of the letters prepared by NATA students in 2018.

Letter 1

I am a student who took up the NATA exam conducted on 29th of April 2018. I am deeply unhappy with the results published by the NATA body. The drawing scores really seem to be blindly evaluated and what not. The results of the aptitude test in the first place wasn’t published properly the marks were increased and later on decreased and all this without sheer intimation to the students. Most importantly what were the criteria for the evaluation of drawing scores. Was it really corrected by qualified staff? And yes how was it that so many of us have got such low score in the drawings? Besides the TCS personnel seem to have no knowledge about the NATA Exam. Whom are you playing with? The lives of architectural aspirants or India as a whole. We the students of India need a proper answer and please respond this time at least!”

Letter 2

I was one among the students who appeared for NATA Exam April 2018. And I was one among the majority of students who are deeply disappointed by the result that was published and the inconsistency and also the importance shown by the higher authority upon a national level exam that is supposed to showcase the creativity and skill possessed by a new generation.
Both the Aptitude as well as the Drawing results were withdrawn multiple time after it was published online to the public. This would be the first time a national level examination would’ve done something as such.
I was one of the unfortunate students whose Aptitude mark got increased by 4 marks when it was republished and yet that mark didn’t show up in the final Scorecard. My Scorecard shows 62 marks in aptitude instead of 64 which I was awarded when the result was republished. Though it is a matter of 2 marks, I am well aware of the role of that 2 marks while the ranking process starts. As I have uploaded the mark list to KEAM with the existing scorecard, there is probably nothing that can be done further to help the situation.
I would like to express my deep disappointment and helplessness at this point when the hard work and dreams of a generation of our country met with pure negligence. We the students of the country deserve anything far better than this kind of coarse behaviour. So please stop playing with the dreams and lives of the students.

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