The best NATA coaching centre in Kerala !

Best NATA coaching centre in Kerala

“A best NATA coaching centre in Kerala “is the highly investigated keyword online nowadays. Architecture education in India has the history of hundred years old. But the real demand was boomed in last 10 years. Kerala is one of the states having larger number of Architecture colleges in India. In 2019, Thirty three colleges offer Bachelor of Architecture course of nearly 1500+ B- Arch seats in Kerala. Ten years back it was only four colleges and below 100 seats. It reveals the trend transforming higher education in India.

The council of architecture (COA) was formed in 1972 by the Architects act. It approves the colleges and schools for Architecture education in India. COA documented the minimum standards for architecture education in 1984 and had many amendments on it recently. Accordingly, the candidates have to qualify the Aptitude examination conducted by COA named NATA for getting B-Arch Admission in India.

As the number of colleges and candidates increased, NATA exams keep getting more and more difficult every year. As far as a NATA candidate is concerned it is hard to do the self preparations based on the syllabus released by COA. Subsequently the Higher secondary students from Kerala who are looking for B-Arch course go for searching a best NATA coaching centre in Kerala. The students at a NATA coaching centre explore the depth of NATA examination, Scope after Architecture studies and many more topics.

As a tutor I’m thinking of an ideal coaching centre, with certain prerequisites to ensure the maximum output of students. In this Article I would like to list out some facts and figures for the candidates who are searching a best NATA coaching centre in Kerala.

  1. Accessibility
  2. Adequate Infrastructure
  3. Space Concerns
  4. Fee structure
  5. Quality education
  6. Study material
  7. Component Staff
  8. Teaching tools and style

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